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i-Notification's mission is to enhance the capacity to protect the health and safety of the general public and all first responders.

How does it meet its mission?

It does it by providing three incident management communication solutions:

CAERcall connects petrochemical and industrial facilities with local governmental agencies.

REPcall connects nuclear power plants and state/local agencies.

GOVcall connects federal, state and local emergency management/first responder agencies and business/industry.

Attached are GOVcall flow charts explaining how the County, State and Federal Networks could be set up.




Emergency Management Team

  • Internet-based interoperable, instantaneous and simultaneous communications.
  • An effective system for large and small networks.
  • A client/server Oracle-based system with retrievable reports that support regulatory and legal activities.
  • Replacement of telephone ringdown, fax and radio-based notification.
  • A customizable network member list and subject-specific pulldown menus.


When Seconds Count...

“Time is precious. Every second counts, especially when you are talking about saving lives and containing a threat. …another advantage of the i-Notification system is that it provides two-way secure communication and users must acknowledge the alerts, giving an accurate date and time record. The platform also transmits to computers, as well as to pagers, so we are connected to the system 365/24/7.”
- Sharlot Edwards, Director of the West Baton Rouge Parish LEPC

“It is of prime importance to our network members to consider the safety of our communities by providing the best possible means of communications. What we found to meet the petrochemical industry's needs is CAERcall. This system provides continuous real-time communications and incident management. We use it to inform our industry neighbors and local responders about suspicious activity, drills, flares, spills and releases." —Lou Deep, ExxonMobil Emergency Preparedness and Security Advisor

“It is all about notification – getting the proper vital information out to the proper channels so that officials can make the proper decisions.”
- Kevin Sharp, Nalco Company Plant Manager